Gemini Monthly Career Horoscope

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For the first few days of November, collect information but postpone making any final decisions. On November 3, your planetary ruler Mercury goes direct in your house of risk taking. Be willing to have difficult conversations. It’s time to ask for a raise or let an employee go who is not a good fit.

On the twelfth, Jupiter conjoins Pluto. Mars goes direct the next day, and there is a new moon in Scorpio the day after that. During these few days, it's good to connect with human resources to clear up any issues you’re having with salary or vacation time. Gemini natives who are business owners may find it necessary to review state or local taxes to catch up on paperwork.

The energy shifts with the sun going into Sagittarius on November 21. This brings an opportunity to land a big sale or collaborate with a like-minded professional.

On the thirtieth, there's a lunar eclipse in your own sign of Gemini. Lunar eclipses can cause a feeling of dissatisfaction with some aspect of your life. You push against the boundaries to create change. Here, you are held back by your own limited thinking. Meditate on how you can break free.

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